Gift card for handmade jewelry

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¿Quieres regalar una joya artesanal?

Las joyas artesanales son una gran opción para regalar a tus seres queridos.

Si has pensado en regalar una joya artesanal  para ese día tan especial que está por llegar pero no acabas de decidirte por cual, no sabes la talla o dudas del color ideal,  te doy la opción de una tarjeta regalo.

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Would you like to give a handmade piece of jewelry as a gift?

Handcrafted jewelry is a wonderful choice for surprising your loved ones.

If you’re thinking about gifting a handmade piece of jewelry for that upcoming special occasion but can’t quite decide on a specific one, don’t know the right size, or have doubts about the ideal color, we offer you the option of a gift card.

This gift card can be redeemed for any available handmade jewelry on our website, up to the equivalent amount purchased.

The card will be applied as a discount according to the voucher’s value, so if the chosen handmade piece exceeds the card’s value, you can pay the difference.

Please take into account the shipping cost.

By purchasing a gift card for a handmade piece of jewelry, you’ll be getting more than just a piece of jewelry. You’ll know that you’re supporting a small business venture and appreciating the work done with care and attention to detail.

All our handmade jewelry is crafted one by one with great care and love, meaning no two are exactly alike, making your gift truly unique.


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