About Me

About Me

Hi, I'm Belén, the hands and soul behind VASSA JEWELS. From this space I will show you all my projects, pieces and collections that I make from my workshop in Barcelona.

You can visit, see, buy, consult, suggest and even contact me if you want to make that special piece that you have in mind and would like to materialize so that it can accompany you.

Shall I tell you a little about myself? I was born in Argentina, in a family with many artistic curiosities. Since I was little I observed with special admiration the artisan work; and at an early age I began to learn the trade of jewelry. Years later, I continued my jewelry studies in Barcelona, ​​the city that currently hosts me, in which I continue to train and from where I work in a multidisciplinary space in the beautiful neighborhood of Poblenou.

I look for inspiration in the URBAN environment, in MUSIC, ARCHITECTURE, MOVEMENT, IMAGES, PHOTOGRAPHY as well as in the NATURAL environment; unavoidable dichotomy when living in a modern city that adjoins a particularly beautiful NATURE; the SEA, the train trips observing the MEDITERRANEAN, the mountains and its rivers. Finally in the EXCHANGE that arises with different ARTISTS with whom I live day by day. In short, everything that connects me sensorially and transmits emotions to me and keeps my spirit CREATIVE, RESTLESS and CURIOUS.

I like to think that we vibrate and connect through what we do. The jewels I make have part of my time, my desires, my sensations, my moments of inspiration and my relief. I think that beyond a mere aesthetic issue when buying a handmade piece, with so much emotional charge, you are part of that connection that is nourished by new experiences; adding a new character.

I believe that the craft diverges from the current intensity of mass consumption and the immediacy in which we are immersed, restoring value to a work that aims to last over time and not be the subject of passing fashions.

I invite you to be part of this project that values ​​the craftsmanship, the details, the pampering, the pleasure and the illusion generated by seeing the transformation and evolution of materials from the work table to the place where they finally make sense, YOUR BODY.




About Me

I was looking for handcrafted jewelry in Barcelona for a gift and one of the silver pendants on this website seemed precious to me. I went to the workshop where the girl showed it to me and it turned out to be much more beautiful than by photo. Thank you very much!
Currently you cannot find 100% handmade jewelry because today people don't value it and prefer to buy more quantity than quality. I bought some earrings for my mother at "the Clandestina" monthly market and she is delighted! In addition, the workshop is great and we had a good time drinking beer and watching events.
My husband and I got married a couple of years ago. He was already familiar with this site and ordered the handcrafted white gold engagement ring with a design that he tried to capture on a piece of paper and it's amazing! In fact, we were so pleased that we ordered the wedding rings some time later. Mine is gold and his is ROSE gold!