Factory Market

Last Saturday 12.02, I participated in the Factory Market organized by the cultural association La Clandestina de Poblenou and Oasis. I was especially excited since Oasis is the co-working space where I work every day. In this way, not only can I sell directly to the public, but it also offers me the opportunity to meet you, see your impressions and comments, and invite you to see my creation workshop.

In this exchange I received two orders for personalized jewelry that I am in the process of making and I will show you soon.
In the market, which will probably take place monthly, we participate in all the projects that we live with on a daily basis in co-working. Thanks to them you can find in the same space my pieces, design objects, fashion, natural cosmetics, vintage clothing and upcycling, art and furniture in a relaxed environment with music and vermouth outdoors.
I will let you know the future dates, pay attention, that with the good weather, more news will arrive!

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